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NCIS LA ratings last night scare me.

I wouldn’t be too worried about it, yet. There is just no way that they’re going to maintain the 16 million viewers.

The premiere numbers were not good, but for now I would just look at it as a one time thing. Scorpion has had good numbers so far (13 million) and if that keeps up and CBS promos the hell out of NCIS LA, I don’t see why LA couldn’t get 11/12 million. Which is good. That’s roughly what Castle gets in the same time slot.

I’m looking at it as a one time thing (maybee many people didn’t watch because of the finale, but will join back next week). As long as we can match Castle and/or The Blacklist, I do think Mondays will be a good slot. But CBS needs to promote it’s ass off if they want to provide competition (and help our viewer ratings, which they should)



Someone’s going to write the missing scene where Talia and Kensi talked like adults and resolved their issues and became friends, right?  Or do we just wait for the dvd bonus features?



NCIS: Los Angeles - Competitive Karaoke???


Mommy Dani and little River <3


Mommy Dani and little River <3